The Owner

White Mouse Imaging is focused on preserving the past and present so that it can exist in the future. We are a professional imaging company specializing in scanning, digital restoration, preservation and documentation of old photos, film, documents and objects. Britt Thomas founded White Mouse Imaging in 2017. Born and raised in Southeast Texas along the Gulf Coast, she is well aware of the fragility of photographs, film, and other ephemera. Floods, hurricanes, humidity, heat… Mother Nature can thwart our best efforts at preserving and organizing important photos and items. White Mouse Imaging aims to safeguard cherished pieces by creating a digital copy in case the unexpected happens. We can also digitally restore images that have already suffered from the elements. Digital copies can be shared with family and friends, printed, made into a book… the possibilities are endless. As the business grows, services will expand with it. If there is a service you do not see on our website, please ask. We are happy to oblige if possible.
My name is Britt Thomas. I am passionate about photography, people, traveling, art and history. If not working, I am always planning my next trip or working on a project. When deciding what kind of business I would start, I reflected on my skills and passions. I chose this field of photo documentation and digital restoration because of my interests in history, family and old objects. I love hearing stories attached to old photos. I have spent many years working in Photoshop and take great satisfaction in bringing an old photo to life again.

White Mouse?

Starting my own business has been a lifelong dream of mine, something that I have delayed out of fear in exchange for stability. After a number of significant life events, I decided that it was time to stop putting off my dreams. With years of experience in photography, video, and design, I was certain of what I would do, but choosing a name for my business did not come easy. I wanted to choose a business name that would inspire me through my journey and give me strength. I wanted it to be a reflection of my values and passions. I am a strong proponent for women’s rights and equal representation, and I also have a love for all aspects of history. I reflected on many of the women in history who have accomplished significant feats, who have been role models to women like me. Instantly, Nancy Wake came to mind. Nancy Wake served as a British Special Operatives Executive agent during the latter part of World War II. She was one of the most decorated servicewomen of the war and was the Gestapo’s most wanted person. The Gestapo called her “White Mouse” for her ability to elude capture and continue to carry out missions despite the Gestopo’s best efforts.


Photography has been a passion of mine since I picked up my first camera at a garage sale when I was just eight years old. I earned a BFA in studio art with emphasis in photography from Lamar University in Beaumont TX in 2007 and a MFA in photography and digital media from the University of Houston in 2011. I have six years of combined teaching experience in photography, digital media, video, and art history from The University of Houston, Houston Community College, The Glassell School at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and Houston Center for Photography.